Mary & Martha


Loving God & Loving Others!

I grew up in a home where my parents entertained all the time.  We always had guests and I loved sitting around the dinner table having meaningful conversation.  When my husband, Jonathan, and I got married we would have friends over all the time.  They loved sampling my new recipes and hanging out on our comfy couch.   We have three wonderful children now, and somehow in the midst of this busy season of life, I stopped opening our home as much.  I was overwhelmed at the thought of cooking and cleaning.  I was embarrassed by our messy house or loud children.  I let that insecurity rob me of joy!

God has been speaking to me lately about what matters most – Loving God & Loving Others!  Sometimes it means that we step out of our comfort zones a little, trusting His guidance.  I am excited about opening our home more and loving on others, connecting with other women by gathering together.  My soul resonates with the message of this company…redefining hospitality.  Meaningful entertaining made simple.  Hospitality is about welcoming others into our homes and into our hearts.  We can be a Mary & a Martha…serving others, but then more importantly being in the moment and just spending time with them.  Sometimes it is hard to remember what matters most, but God is teaching me and molding me more every day.  My house will never be spotless and my children, as wonderful as they are, they will still be loud!  But, God doesn’t call us to perfection.  That’s why he sent Jesus and I am so grateful! He IS calling me to relationship, though…with Him and others.

I came across this website while looking for a chalkboard or something to display a family verse on.  I love saturating our home with scripture and surrounding our children with the truth of God’s Word.  I was so encouraged by all of the meaningful, inspirational, life-giving products.  I knew I wanted to be a part of this.  I want to live my life in the &…ministry & marriage & motherhood & anything else God calls me to be.  My work, whether at the church, at home or in the toilet paper aisle at Lowe’s {cool story} has always been about Loving God & Loving Others. 

I know the only way I can love others well is through my relationship with God and letting His love flow through me.  I feel so blessed by the people in my life and I hope we can connect soon.  I hope you will come over sometime.  My door is always open and I have plenty of coffee to share! 

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