Island Life

2016-03-04 10.27.19

I live my life right here on this cold, hard slab of marble.  Oh, you thought I meant somewhere tropical?  Ha!  Nope – this is the life for me.  When I am home, this is where I spend 99% of my time.  Ok, well sometimes I sleep…so maybe 75% (ok maybe 50%).  Really, though, this is the heart of our home.  When we were designing our space, I knew I wanted to have an open concept with the island facing the Great Room.  Otherwise, I miss out on being with the rest of my family!  I love that we can have a lot of people over and all be in the same space.  I have always wanted a really big island!  When we were drawing our plans and setting a budget we each decided on one thing that was most important to us in the house.  Jonathan chose the fireplace and I chose the kitchen island! We had to cut cost in other spaces to make it happen, but we are so happy that we did. We designed the island to have seating on two sides so it’s more conversational.  We have six chairs all together.  We eat many meals here.  Also, if we have a lot of people over it acts as a buffet or overflow for kids seating.

I debated about whether or not I wanted our sink in the island. In our original plan, the sink was in the corner overlooking the back yard.  We played around with that design for a long time and just couldn’t get it to work right with the position of the cabinets and other appliances.  I was worried about having the mess of dirty dishes on the island, but I am really happy with how it has turned out.  With the island being large (112″ x  74″ and the sink being large (39.5″), it gives lots of space for dishes or food prep, and I can keep the rest of the island clean for serving.

Btw…our bridge faucet is by Elkay and we chose it because it has the farmhouse look that we like, but also has the pull-down sprayer.  I don’t think I could function with my farmhouse sink if I didn’t have the sprayer!  I need it to wash out all of the corners.

We love spending time here and I don’t regret at all making this island this large.  It functions really well for our family.

Oh! One more fun thing…we were having a hard time figuring out where to put our microwave.  Most of my smaller appliances are in the pantry.  We have a countertop in there with the toaster, mixer, coffeepot, etc.  I didn’t know if we wanted the microwave in there, though.  It seemed like it might be a pain to not have it central when I’m prepping meals.  We started looking and found a microwave drawer by Sharp that we liked, so we decided to have it installed in the island.  We love it and the kids love that it is so easy to reach! Plus, it’s fun to open and shut the drawer. 😉

jan. 9 microwave



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