Table Talk

jan. 18 table

“All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” ~ Ronald Reagan

The Dining Room table is an important piece of furniture.  It seems like some of our greatest memories are made when we are gathered here.  I really enjoy cooking and sharing my love with family and friends with a nice meal.  My favorite thing, though, is when we linger afterward.  That is when great conversation happens.

We knew we would probably need to have a table made because we wanted to be able to fit around 12 people.  I saw a style that I loved in Restoration Hardware.  I really wanted a pedestal table so we could fit more chairs around it.  Our cabinet guys had built these beautiful legs and John at Green Oak Antiques used them to finish the table.  We made it 10′ x 4.5′.  It is a beast. He slightly distressed it using a machete and some other tools. We chose a dark stain to contrast the color of our floors.

When they were moving it in the house, it barely fit around the corners, but it ended up being perfect in the space.  I love how we can sit at the table and either look at the fireplace or look out the windows and have the fireplace warmth on our backs.

I had fun unpacking some of my table linens and setting the table.  My grandma passed down some old Irish linens that looked so pretty layered with my burlap placemats.

I found the chairs on Wayfair at a great price (and yes – I did scotch guard them!;)) Most days, we leave the table set with eight chairs, but when we have company it’s easy to pull up the others.  When we ordered our kitchen island, I had them save a few remnants of the marble and I use them on our table as decoration and as trivets.

By the way, you can find that beautiful lazy susan on the table here. 😉



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