Moving Week

One of the benefits of living with my parents and moving to an empty home is that we can move in gradually.  There are still a lot of little things that need to be finished, but we are officially moving in this week!  It seems so unreal.  We have spent a few nights over at the house hanging light fixtures and cleaning.  It has been so exciting to see our space come together!

I started putting some snacks and drinks in the fridge and pantry and peeling off the endless appliance stickers.

Lainey has spent a lot of time in her room.  She is so excited and it’s fun to see. 🙂

jan. 11 Lainey's loft

The boys couldn’t wait to play PS4 on the new TV (which will eventually be mounted on the wall)…

jan. 9 ps4.jpg

It was getting late, so the kids brought over bean bags and watched a movie while Jonathan and I finished up.  I’m glad they look comfy since we may not be able to afford any other furniture. 😉

jan. 9 movie

We brought our bed over on Friday night so we could sleep in the house.  The kids all brought bedding and slept in their rooms.  It was such a great feeling to finally be sleeping here!

Then Saturday morning we woke up early and started moving everything else!  Here’s what it looked like mid-day…

jan. 17 from balcony

It will take awhile to figure out where everything will go.  I think that’s one of the hardest things.  It takes so much time to figure out a house!  Even after all of our planning and thinking about where we would put furniture, etc., you never really know until you live in a space.  I’m sure we will move things around quite a few times before it feels right.

Apparently I have a lot of dishes.  Most of my day was spent unpacking and washing dishes. We learned that if you are ever putting your things in storage for over a year to make sure that it’s climate controlled. 😦 I had to wash EVERYTHING and throw away a few things that were broken from the climate change or moldy (eeewwwww!!!).  We were so thankful to friends and family who helped!

jan. 17 table

We decided to keep most of our boxes in the garage and gradually move them in one box at a time.  It made the process seem a lot longer, but helped me to keep my sanity.  I get a little cranky when I see stuff everywhere. 😉 I wanted to be a nice wife and mom this week.  By Tuesday, we had unpacked most of the necessary things and were able to relax into our home a little bit.  Ahhh….

jan. 18 kitchen

jan. 18 coffee spot

I’m looking forward to morning coffee in this spot, praying and dreaming about God’s plans for this home.


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