The Best Moment of our Moving Day

Moving day was unreal.  Most of the time I felt like a deer in headlights.  Some our friends were cracking up because they could tell I was a mess.  I just had that look…you know…THAT look.  That look of exhaustion and joy and “where are my children?” and “I have no idea where that table will go” and “why the heck did we keep that?”.  I think I got a lot done, but I have a feeling that 85% of the day I just stood in the kitchen, staring.  Moving is so overwhelming.  We also had the issue of having our stuff in three locations – at my parents’ house and two storage facilities.  It had turned me into a hot mess and I did’t know where ANYTHING was (including my children).  We eventually found most things, except for my coffee grinder and my salad spinner.  How these things just disappear is crazy!  I need my salad spinner!

Anyway, in the midst of all the craziness, losing things and losing my mind, I found one of my children.  I found her constantly by my side all morning asking for my help.  She was so excited about her new room and unpacking her things that she hadn’t seen in over a year. She desperately wanted my help and my advice on where things should go and (gasp) could I please hang up her pictures??  I had to explain to her, through my tired eyes and insincere smile that it takes a LOT of time to unpack and that she needed to be patient and that we would eventually (maybe in two years?) get to her room.  I also mentioned that my feet hurt.

An hour later, I was still standing in the kitchen staring (or maybe working?).  She came bouncing down the stairs and asked me if I could come with her and that she had a special surprise.  I always panic a little at the word “surprise” when she says it.  Sometimes it’s something really sweet and other times, it’s something she meant to be sweet or great like painting her walls or dying her carpet (yikes!!!).  But this time, it was something SO SWEET.  She led me by the hand up to her room and I walked into this scene:

spa pedicure

She said “Mom, I know your feet hurt, so I set this up for you so you could take some time to relax.”  {{heart bursting}}  I melted into her chair and into tears as she took my shoes off and gave me one of her sweet spa pedicures.  It really did feel so good to sit down.  She had Adele playing softly on her ipod (haha!) and even had a plate with snacks by the chair. This girl made my day and made my mama heart so happy.  In the midst of everything, she reminded me of the most important thing.  She reminded me a lot of Mary in the story of Mary & Martha in Luke 10.  I love her heart. ❤  I pulled her into my lap and we laughed and I cried and it was the best moment of the entire day.


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