Searching for countertops was beyond exciting.  And surprising!  When we started, I had done all of the research and just knew that we wanted quartz for our kitchen.  It was durable, modern and beautiful.  I had picked out a few that I liked at our local supplier.  I loved the options and the functionality of it.  We got the name of a stone supplier from one of our neighbors, so Jonathan and I decided to have a date night and do some shopping around.  We went to Z Stone in South Bend and were pleased that they had a large warehouse with samples of the stone.  They also had full and partial slabs and remnants available to purchase. And then it happened…

I saw the marble.

It was over.  I fell in love.  I have never really considered myself a marble lover.  In fact, sometimes I think it looks old ladyish.  When we were looking for bathroom tile, I tended to steer away from it.  I’m not sure why…maybe because it has been used in some really BAD ways.  However, when I saw these marble slabs in person, I knew they would be so beautiful in our house. Both of the employees there warned us of the etching and staining.  We decided to take a sample home and test it out.  We did everything you’re not supposed to do.  We cut on it, we squeezed a lemon on it, etc.  We saw the scratches and the etching and still…we knew it was right for us. We decided to use it for our island which is the largest countertop in our house.  We went with a honed finish instead of polished because it tends to wear a little better and I liked the more matte look.

I’ve decided you have to either be o.k. with the imperfections or not.  It does wear easily, but it’s kinda like a pair of jeans.  The more you wear them, the better they get.  If you want a shiny countertop that always looks perfect, marble is not for you.  It was definitely the right choice for us and we are so happy with it!  We just have to choose not to be bothered by the imperfections.

We used marble on our kitchen island, our master bathroom counter, the basement bathroom and Lainey’s bathroom.  We only used quartz in one place – the pantry! I still love it, but it was more expensive than the granite and marble.  We were able to find a remnant for the pantry and only had to pay for fabrication and installation.  We went with granite for the kitchen perimeter, boys bathroom and laundry room.

Our kitchen choices: steel gray granite in a leather finish and carrara marble.

2015-10-09 10.45.21


Basement bathroom…Dec. 19 basement vanity

Master Bathroom…

Kids Bathrooms…

And one more of the island. 🙂

2015-12-08 20.41.46


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