My Vintage Loft Love Affair

The majority of our main level flooring is wood, so I wanted to pick something that I really loved and knew I would love for a long time.  Our style is modern farmhouse (I’m more farmhouse, Jonathan is more modern).  I looked around for awhile and most of the floors I looked at I found to be either too formal or a little too rustic for what we wanted. When I finally found the Vintage Loft flooring that we chose, I knew it was the one!  It was a little more expensive than some of the others we were looking at, but the style was exactly what I wanted. We wanted a wide plank (7-8″) with some distressing.  We wanted it to be durable and not easily scratched.  The Vintage Loft flooring has an oiled finish, which is different from typical hardwood.  I had to read up on the care and maintenance of this type of flooring.  It takes a special kind of cleaner meant only for oiled floors.  (The cleaner we like is Bona for oiled floors).  It is also helpful to polish the floors every few months. What I love about our floor is that it really looks like an old farmhouse.  It has natural knots and grain, as well as wire scraping. The color we chose is called “Bricktown”.  It is a little hard to tell from the pictures, but you can see more on their website here.


They also look really great with a sleeping puppy on them. 🙂 (This picture was added later…a few months after we moved in.)

2016-04-07 15.17.35-1

Jonathan decided to install the flooring himself to save money (about $4,000!).  It was a really long week…I think he questioned his decision a few times. 😉  But in the end it was sooo worth it!  They look great and we feel really good about the money saved.  He borrowed some tools from friends and had the help of family.  I love how proud he looks in this picture.

2015-10-25 19.20.53-1

We LOVE these floors!  They look great and seem to work really well with an active family.

Insider Tip:  If you decide to install these floors on your own (or any wide plank flooring), it is best to glue the floor down as well as nail it.  We only nailed the floor and regret not gluing it.  We have quite a few places that are creaky.  Oh well…it just adds to the old farmhouse feel, right?! 😉





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