X Marks the Spot

I’ve always loved coffered ceilings.  I think they add a lot of visual interest.  When we were framing the house, we remembered that we liked this  (we had forgotten to add this into the house plans).  Thankfully, our Amish framers are the bomb and could add this on the fly.  Because of where our fireplace is located in the great room, we had a hard time centering the squares that would be typical of a ceiling like this.  So, since I spend about 75 hours each night on Pinterest, Instagram and Houzz…I found a picture and got the idea of doing our ceiling beams in an “X”.

The shape works really well with our design and I love that it’s a little different from the norm.  The next challenge was how to paint.  I assumed we would paint the beams white and do a crown molding, then paint the flat part of the ceiling a darker color.  That is what I am used to seeing and what I thought would look best.  But my HUSBAND who has amazing ideas, thought we should paint the beams in our darker gray (SW Iron Ore) that we are using throughout the house.  It felt super risky and I was really nervous, but in the end I LOVE how it turned out! I think he made the right choice and I love it that he thinks outside of the box. At certain angles, when I am sitting in the great room looking up, it looks like a cross.


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