Can a gray house be a happy house?

I heard someone call their house a “happy house” once, when talking about the exterior.  It made me think about ours.  Is our house a “happy house”?  Does it feel welcoming when you drive up? I started to get really nervous about it…I mean, our house is gray.  In my mom’s opinion, gray is the absence of color.  She’s an artist.  In writing and poetry, gray has always been synonymous with gloomy or dreary.  But, gray is neutral! And we like gray. And gray is really in style right now.  And there are no other gray houses on our street.  But does that matter?  Will we be sad every time we drive up?  Did we make a mistake?  Does our house look like a big, gray blob and no one will ever think it is happy or ever want to come in? Will we look back ten years from now and think “why in the world did we put gray siding on our house?  What were we thinking?”  These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night.  It’s so stupid.

I’ve always wanted a cozy, welcoming house.  The kind where you walk in and immediately feel at home.  I want a happy house!  I want people to walk or drive by and smile.  I still have hopes for that.  I have to remind myself that this is just the “base layer”.  If we were talking about makeup, the siding would be the foundation, right?  Of course it looks plain!  Soon the shutters (mascara) will go on.  Then the front door (lipstick).  Then we will add some great color (eyeshadow and blush) with landscaping and porch decorations.  It will come together.  Right now it just doesn’t look alive.  It’s like me in the morning. I’m holding out hope for a great transformation in the future. Maybe people will say it’s a happy house and want to come and visit!

In other news, drywall is happening.  That’s exciting!  I can’t wait to paint.  Mostly gray.