House Dedication

small groupTonight we invited our small group over to our house.  It was dusty and getting dark.  We ordered pizza and didn’t have any plates.  We brought some lawn chairs in and lit some candles.  And in this dirty, unfinished space a dream of ours came true.  We had church.  In our house!  WE HAD CHURCH! And it was beautiful.  Because, church can happen anywhere.  We gave everyone markers and wrote scripture on the walls.  We prayed over this house and our time here and that God would bless it and use it.  Our friends prayed over us and our family and our stress.  We made declarations on the walls with sharpies.  We worshiped and the sound echoed and carried throughout the rooms with no walls.  Our kids were there and my friend’s son even played the tambourine.  All of the things we have prayed for with this house..our dreams and hopes of what it could be…it happened tonight.  It’s not always going to be beautiful.  Sometimes it will be messy beautiful.  But God is here and He makes all the difference.

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here.  Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere.



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