Farmhouse Sink

My sink is here! My sink is here!  Can you tell by my dorky face that I am excited?

Aug. 26

I went back and forth about whether or not to get this sink.  It was {surprisingly} one of the hardest decisions I have made about the house so far.  I love the look of farmhouse sinks, but I wasn’t sure about the practicality.  I have always had a stainless steel sink.  I also wasn’t sure if it was a trend.  In the end, I knew that I just had to get it.  Our house definitely has a farmhouse vibe and I knew this kind of sink would be perfect.

I also debated a lot about whether or not to get one with a single, large basin or a double basin.  It came down to how I wash dishes.  I typically load the dishwasher with everything I possibly can.  Then, I wash my pots and pans in the left side of my sink and let them drip dry in the right side.  I knew that it would bother me not to have the option of the right side to let things dry.  Some of my friends have the single basin and they love it.  They would never go back to the double.  When I asked them what they love about it, most say the size.  They can fit everything from long-stemmed roses to babies to dogs in their sinks and it is so nice to have that.  So, I decided to get the largest double farmhouse sink I could find.

We landed on the Alfi 39.5″ farmhouse sink from Blue Bath.  I am so glad that we went with the big one!!  I can’t wait to wash dishes. For real.


3/8/16 Update: I love this sink!!!  We have been in our house a few months now and I couldn’t be happier with how this sink functions for our family.  I highly recommend the metal grids for the bottom of the sink.  This has been key for us.  I can easily wash pots and pans without fear of breaking anything or scratching the bottom.  Clean up is a breeze.  Just make sure you get a sprayer on your faucet.  I have a few tiny scratches on the front of the sink that I’m pretty sure happened during installation.  Or maybe from Jonathan’s belt buckles??  I haven’t tried everything to get them off, but my normal cleaner doesn’t work. They don’t bother me enough to do anything about it yet, but I might eventually try a scratch kit if they don’t come off.    



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