The only GC for me

It’s Saturday. Most husbands would want to sit around and relax.  This guy would probably want to do that, too.  Instead, he got up early to go and register the boys for football.  Then he did some work (Financial Planning – his actual job!).  Then, he strapped on his tape measure… {I have to add that I was cracking up at that part.  I had to take a picture.  He looks so official.  This picture just screams “general contractor”, doesn’t it?  haha!}

Aug. 15

But anyway, he strapped on his tape measure, grabbed another cup of coffee and headed over to the house.  He doesn’t stop.  He has basically been working two jobs this year to help make this dream for our family come true.  He continues to amaze me at how hard he works.  If he didn’t have all of these amazing God-given gifts like intelligence, determination and drive, this house thing would not be happening.

I told someone the other day that I feel like we are a good team.  But in another way, I feel super guilty because my part in this teamwork is doing all of the fun things like picking out light fixtures, paint colors, etc.  He has all of the hard work like figuring out the finances, working with sub-contractors and problem-solving.

This guy is amazing.  He loves us so well.  He works so hard. And, just look at him!  He is also super hot. Tonight we get to dress up and go to a wedding.  I can’t decide which I like better…this picture of him with a tape measure or him in a suit and tie!


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